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News for the Common Good
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News for the Common Good

"News for the Common Good" is an electronic newsletter whose purpose is to build the common good in the world by sharing items of interest to the Minnesota community. We emphasize cross-pollination and bridge-building between faith, broader nonprofit, and other social sectors.

To read the current "News for the Common Good" issues, click on the headings below. You can also check out our archived issues.

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This Month's Newsletters

September 13, 2017


In this Issue

   A Respectful Conversation to remember 9/11
   ACT scores best in nation, except for...
   Christian faith and white supremacy
   Faith-Based Social Justice Nonprofit Incubator
Upcoming Events 
   Nobel Peace Prize Forum
   Encountering Religious and Cultural Traditions
   Spiritual Listening Training
   Racism and the Religions
   Healing of Memories Workshop
   Joining Community Forces
   Training: Preventing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation
      of Children
   Transform Ideas: Creation Care
   Securing Your Place of Worship
   Dakota Sacred Sites Tour
   The Craft of Preaching
   Sacred Places, Sacred Stories
Make a Difference
   Donations needed to support refugee programs

   Practices for navigating a VUCA world
   You don't need an eclipse to cultivate awe
   Kick-off to what?
   Online course on Pub Theology

   Pastoral Internships
   Mentoring for Young Adults
   Vocational Resources
   Hennepin Recycling Grant
   Associate Pastor
   Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries
   Director of Children's Ministry
   Associate Pastor
   Director of Youth and Young Adults
   Chaplain (Native American)

Looking Forward  
   Clergy Training Program
   Birds Sing Differently Here
   Don & Emily Saliers
   RESCHEDULED: Installation of MCC CEO



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JRLC's "Day on the Hill" at the Capitol Rotunda
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