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  Healthy Homes, Healthy Congregations
Minimizing toxic chemicals at home and at church!

Discover Healthy Homes, Healthy Congregations, an initiative of the Minnesota Council of Churches. We honor Creation when we foster healthy living for families, congregations, and communities.

Mindful Living: Human Health, Pollution, and Toxics

“O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures…When you send forth your spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the ground” ~Psalm 104:24, 30

Of the 82,000 chemicals used in products that somehow find their way into our environment and our bodies, only ten percent of them have been tested for their effects on human beings. The vast majority of these and the approximately 1,000 more added every year are untested, and many, such as phthalates and bisphenol-A, are potentially dangerous.

Join the Minnesota Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches to learn more about how to minimize your family’s and church’s exposure to toxic chemicals, learn about safe alternatives, and make sure more chemicals are tested.

As a part of the body of Christ, here are some ways you can be the hands working for a cleaner world:

Healthy Homes, Healthy Congregations Materials


Resources for Healthy Living

Healthy Homes, Healthy Congregations was initially funded in part by a grant from the
National Council of Churches: Eco-Justice Programs.


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