Will Your Faith Community Make Room?

The name of the innkeeper who made room in his stable for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus doesn't appear in the Bible, but I bet that Mary and Joseph never forgot, and that he never forgot the miracle that occurred that night in his barn. And what about all of the other innkeepers in town? Do you think they regretted their decision to close the door?

Simple acts of welcome are powerful for both the host and the guest, and we see this play out today with every co-sponsoring church and refugee family they welcome. Like many of the best experiences, co-sponsorship takes effort, time, and resources, but it is a powerful, transformative experience for everyone involved.

We have found that strong church communities are the best networks to support especially vulnerable families who arrive with refugee status. A church family always creates access to a wide network of resources-- donated furniture, willing drivers, stay at home moms with daytime availability, people who know people, and so on. In addition, churches are families of (mostly) unrelated people who have learned how to work together, love one another, and inspire each other to grow. This creates a safe place for new refugee families to find the practical help and relational connection that give them the best chance for success in Minnesota.

We are in need of more co-sponsors to join us in welcoming new families. Please consider this an invitation to participate! You can learn more by speaking with our coordinator, Kathryn or hosting an educational forum. Take the first step by calling 612-230-3219 or emailingĀ rsvolunteers@mnchurches.org.