Immigration Administrative Assistant

In this role, the volunteer will work closely with the Immigration Services Coordinator to assist with office tasks related to immigration. 

Volunteer Activities

  • Provide general office assistance on copying, mailing, case management, filing, and entering clients’ information into the program database system.
  • Sometimes assist with package and mail application to USCIS.
  • Sometimes assist with inquiries about pending immigration applications and other related matters.
  • Scan files, rename, and electronically file clients’ notices and case files.
  • Open USCIS notices and enter case notes into the database for AOR cases, family petition cases, and immigration cases.
  • Call clients to remind them of appointments, provide status updates, and confirm green card receipt.
  • Scan completion I-485 applications and electronically file the documents.
  • Shred scanned documents and closed cases.
  • Sometimes assist with address change update on the USCIS website for clients pending cases.
  • Sometimes assist with completion of I-485 & N-400 applications with clients.

Commitment: The position would require a 5-10 hour a week commitment.

Volunteer Profile:

  • Experience in office work setting and administrative work
  • Experience working with refugees or other new immigrants
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication skills and knowledge of computer
  • This individual must be detail-oriented, ensuring that database records are kept at the standard required for the State audit.

Location: The Minnesota Council of Churches’ Refugee Services office, 122 W. Franklin Ave. in Minneapolis.