News for the Common Good: February 3, 2021

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February 3, 2021

In this Issue


   To Manage Conflict, Anticipate It
   Faith Leaders Summit
   Clergy and Vaccination
   Space for Rent
   MCC in the World
Upcoming Events 
   Re-Visioning the Role of the Christian Community
   Small Church Webinar Series
   Antisemitism and White Supremacy
   Centered Life
   Welcome Refugees with Warmth
   Watch the Line
   Church History is Black History
   Young Adults Can't Recognize Anti-Semitism
   Collegeville Writing Workshops
   National Fund for Sacred places
   5 others

   Co-Director of Racial Justice
   6 others

Looking Forward  
   Breaking, Blessing, Building: A Call for the Common Good
   Festival of Homiletics

Beyond Our Region  
   Online Calvin Symposium on Worship
   Ecumenical Advocacy Days