News for the Common Good March 17, 2021

March 17, 2021

In this Issue


   Your Church Can Strengthen Inclusive Democracy
   Carrying Trauma
   Space for Rent
   MCC in the World
Upcoming Events 
   Restorative Conference Facilitation Training
   Dangerous Religious Ideas
   VA Community Clergy Training
   Antisemitism and White Supremacy
   Race and African Religious Practice
   Christian Nationalism, White Supremacy, and Liberation
   Ready for Welcome
   The Role of Church Lands in Climate in Resilience
   Minnesota Vaccine Hunters Will Help
   Updated COVID Guidance
   How Many Different Things Can Your Church Be?
   Humanities Innovation Lab
   5 others

   Health Case Manager
   6 others

Looking Forward  
   Festival of Homiletics

Beyond Our Region  
   Ecumenical Advocacy Days