A Blessed Ramadan Story

This story, stemming from a Blessed Ramadan sign, brought tears to audience members at a luncheon. It came to us from a Twin Cities Metro Area clergyperson:

Today I wasn’t home when our groceries were delivered. My husband was home.

When he answered the door, the delivery man asked, “Is that your sign?”

My husband said yes, although to be honest he most likely wouldn’t put up a sign if I weren’t here to ask him to because he likes his privacy and prefers not to draw attention.

My husband and the delivery man had a 20 minute discussion – with the delivery man first challenging the sign in light of what happened in Orlando over the weekend. My husband explained that our Muslim neighbors are as horrified as we all are by that act of hate and violence. He explained that his wife is a pastor and that in our family we focus on loving people, honoring that people believe different things, and being good neighbors. And none of our neighbors think it’s okay to kill 50 people.

By the time the man left to deliver the rest of the groceries in his truck, he asked my husband if at our church this weekend we would be talking about how to love people even when you are kind of afraid or confused. My husband said, probably since in some way we talk about that most weeks. The man asked where our church is and said maybe he’ll stop by. He said, “God bless you AND your neighbors,” as he walked away.

May God offer continued blessings on your ministry.