Respectful Conversation on Hope and Healing: Our Future Together





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August 10, 2021





Rev. Jerad Morey

Program and Communications Director

Minnesota Council of Churches

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Empathy, hope and healing in the Midway


Bethlehem Lutheran in the Midway invites the community into a Respectful Conversation that will focus not on changing minds, but on softening hearts while discussing our future together.


The conversations have about the events of the past year sometimes feel like pick-a-side and fight-it-out discussions that leave us feeling worse about the people we disagree with, and sometimes worse about ourselves.


There is a way to talk about it all that feels open and honest. You can actually be heard and learn about people with other perspectives. Thousands of Minnesotans have participated in Respectful Conversations since 2012. These facilitated, structured conversations are designed not to change minds, but soften hearts on topics that divide us.


Experience a Respectful Conversation for yourself on Tuesday, August 24, from 6:00 – 8:30pm at Bethlehem Lutheran in the Midway. Your elected leaders and this congregation have chosen to be a source of peace, cooling the heat of divisive conversations through a Respectful Conversation. Join in to learn how you can have a great conversation that builds empathy even over division.


“This process was wonderful and hope-filled.” –previous participant


Event Details:

A Respectful Conversation about Healing and Hope: Our Future Together

Tuesday, August 24, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Bethlehem Lutheran in the Midway

436 Roy Street North; Saint Paul, MN 55104

Please reserve your spot by registering online at


The Respectful Conversations Project is a program of the Minnesota Council of Churches designed to strengthen civic life in Minnesota. Congregations throughout Minnesota have hosted conversations that explore issues through the lens of deeply held convictions while maintaining, even enhancing, relationships among those who disagree.


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The Minnesota Council of Churches’ mission is to manifest unity in the church and to build the common good in the world. The Minnesota Council of Churches programs align with two broad categories: welcoming refugees and community engagement and civic life. For more information, visit

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