Soon to come: ACTION

The fire hose of injustice, white supremacy, and institutional oppression continues to be penetrating and fierce.

The need for courageous listening and learning has never been greater.

We must bridge the gap of injustice.

While droves are now awakening to the unshakeable reality for people living on society’s fringes, many more are paralyzed and baffled about how to transition their new learning into action. Education, if effective, should lead learners to praxis, and thus to ACTION. 


Last year, the Minnesota Council of Churches took extraordinary steps toward repairing harms to African American and Native American communities in Minnesota, by announcing a ten-year effort of truth telling, education and reparations work.


Minnesota Council of Churches is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rev. Jia Starr Brown to bring forth the ACTION Project as the second vital prong to its timely and overdue justice work. 


Called the “ACTION Project”, this three-year curricular journey brings individuals and faith communities together who are willing to make “A Commitment TInclusion in Our Neighborhoods” (acronym: ACTION). 


This expansive “Epiphany” journey, designed by Rev. Jia Starr Brown, brings together committed learners, renowned educators, and compassionate guides for an immersive experience. Administering the IDI (Intercultural Diversity Inventory) as an annual “benchmark” tool to evaluate intercultural competence and growth, action (ACTION) intersects with accountability for a transformational experience for all committed participants.


With weekly and monthly invitations for individual exploration and community learning, the ACTION Project serves as a platform for BIPOC leaders to lead participants through site tours and storytelling, community-centered certifications (CEU credits also available!), and an expert-led process to ultimately develop an active reparations ministry in their contexts. 


Stay tuned for more details about the ACTION Project in weeks to come! For more information, please contact Rev. Jia Starr Brown at