MCC CEO to retire. National search launched for new CEO.



February 13, 2024


Rev. Jerad Morey, Director of Strategic Relationships
Minnesota Council of Churches
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Rev. Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung to retire as Co-CEO of Minnesota Council of Churches

National search for new CEO led by Ballinger Leafblad

Bishop Richard Howell, president of the board of the Minnesota Council of Churches, has announced that MCC Co-CEO, the Rev. Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung, is retiring from leadership of the Minnesota Council of Churches, effective Aug 31, 2024.

The MCC Executive Committee has approved a plan for a transition which will bring a new CEO on board by Aug 1, 2024. During this time DeYoung’s work will focus on the transition. Co-CEO Rev. Stacey L. Smith, who will also leave MCC on Aug 31, 2024, will continue in her part-time administrative leadership role and existing programs will continue to run as planned.

Bp. Howell said, “Rev. Dr. DeYoung oversaw transformative change at MCC, especially in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd. He led us to launch a 10-Year Vision for Truth and Reparations in Minnesota creating a brand-new racial justice department for the organization. DeYoung also steadied the organization through the global pandemic.”

MCC is launching a national search for its next CEO, partnering with the firm Ballinger Leafblad. “It’s a very different job now than when I first applied, with our staff and budget tripling in size” said DeYoung, “The new CEO will still be expected to use their voice and platform as a public theologian; however, there are also significant administrative responsibilities that come with managing over 70 staff and an $11+M budget.” Find a profile for the CEO position here.

Former MCC board president and current Co-CEO Rev. Stacey L. Smith states, “Rev. Dr. DeYoung has provided essential leadership to the faith community in Minnesota. I trust that God is preparing the right person to fill this key leadership role in our state.”

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