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In March we welcomed Farah Del to MCC’s employment team! Already an experienced employment counselor, Farah has hit the ground running, helping connect newcomers to their first jobs in the United States.

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Now you can revisit the powerful presentations and amazing panel discussion from Minnesota's Racial Legacy, the first event of Minnesota Council of Churches' Vis





For immediate release



No more words …

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Part II in a series on Restorative Actions

Today follows the end of Christmastide, a season that began with a choir of angels singing about peace on earth.

Reject division, white supremacy; return to community, simplicity

The fire hose of injustice, white supremacy, and institutional oppression continues to be penetrating and fierce.

We’re excited to welcome Danielle Nelson to the team as an Employment Counselor!

Please join us in welcoming Mikyla to MCC Refugee Services as an Immigration Specialist!

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While Minnesota Council of Churches continues to resettle individuals with refugee status, in September we also expect to receive numerous families evacuated fro

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